• “ I felt so happy working on this project. It
    is a very difficult task to produce music for
    such an intense film.”
    Graduated from Cairo conservatory 1986-1987, Composing & conducting
    Department. He studied under Gamal Abdel-Rahim. Post-graduate study
    under Awatef Abdul Karim and Ahmed Alsaidi.
    Worked in the field of teaching, starting from 1992, now he is a teacher
    assistant. He was known as a player for keyboard instruments until
    recently. He composed works for chamber music and orchestra, many
    other transcriptions for chamber music and orchestra.
    Recently he entered the field of movie soundtracks.
    Some sound tracks for feature films:
    “I love cinema”,
    “Double faces,”
    “Wahed Sefr”.
    Short films
    “Sabah Elfol”
    “Hada Ilak”
    “Rubble road”
    Honors and awards
    First Prize in Composing for Chamber Orchestra from the Egyptian Youth
    Musicians Association Competition 1993 - 1994 anniversary of Abu Bakr
    Music of the Egyptian pavilion Biennale Venezia 1995 in Italy that it won
    the best pavilion of the world, Golden Lion award.
    Received the State Award for Artistic Creativity in 1997.
    A scholarship from the Ministry of Culture in 2003.
    Received the State Incentive Award in 2004 by Mr. President.
    Best Music Score sound Track for film "Malek & Ketaba” from the Twelfth
    National Festival for Egyptian Cinema in 2006.
    Reporting…A Revolution
    Received the award for Best Music Score Sound Track for film "Malek &
    Ketaba” from The Egyptian Cinema Oscar Festival in 2007.
    Received the Award for Best Music Score Sound Track for film Wahed Sefr
    from The Egyptian Cinema Oscar Festival in 2010.
    Member of Committees
    The fifth Ennio Porrino International Competition for piano in the city of
    Cagliari in 1996 in Italy.
    Participated in the seminar - eightieth anniversary of the birth of composer
    Gamal Abdel Rahim - February 2005.
    Examination Committee report production to achieve the State Incentive
    Awards in 2006, 2007.
    Jury music compositing competition organized by the Committee of music,
    opera and ballet of the Supreme Council of Culture in February 2007.
    Bibliotheca Alexandria competition of music and songs of different Western
    styles in August 2008.
    Semsemia instrument workshop of the Supreme Council of Culture, from
    24/02/2010 to 02/03/2010.

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