• Reporting A Revolution - Special Interview

  • The Arab Spring mesmerized the world’s attention and Egypt has been perhaps the most riveting. It was unthinkable that a massive uprising would be launched on a date set by social media, and even more unthinkable that it would eventually lead to the downfall of a president who had been in power for nearly 30 years. For 18 days, millions around the world were glued to their screens in fascination.And Egyptian independent media played an important, unprecedented role from day one. “Reporting …A Revolution” brings you to the heart of it all. It penetrates deep into what really happened on the frontlines and in the streets, and dives into the heart of the revolution.

    This is the story of six young Egyptian journalists who lived their entire lives under Hosni Mubarak’s corrupt, authoritarian regime and suddenly found themselves reporting on the story of their lifetimes. Using the very footage these reporters used to tell the story of the revolution they talk about how they were able to report while staying alive – and staying sane.
  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011