• Director’s Biography
    Bassam Mortada studied Independent Film and graduated at the Jesuite
    Cairo Cinema School in 2006. He worked as an assistant director for a
    number of, documentaries and short, independent fiction films including
    ‘Vision’ in 2004, ‘Lost & Found’ in 2007 and ‘Summer is our Guest’ in
    Mortada directed his first documentary ‘Helwan House’ in 2006, after which
    he directed a number of short documentaries addressing community and
    human rights issues, including ‘Women\'s Voices’ and ‘Justice & Fairness’ in
    2008, and ‘No Alternative’ in 2009.
    He also worked as a technical producer, facilitator and trainer for a number
    of film production workshops, including ‘Masochism & Egyptian Society’ in
    2010, which produced films like ’Survival of the Fittest’ and ‘Anything but
    In 2008, Mortada joined Al-Masry Media Corporation as a technical
    producer where he directed a number of videotaped investigative surveys.
    He also co-founded Egypt’s first internet- television through his work at Al-
    Masry Corporation, where he trained the newspaper’s editors in a type of
    video journalism characterized by the simplicity of equipment, low cost,
    and proximity to the event. The experience was a great success. Therefore,
    the team have been aproached by a number of NGO’s and Arab newsrooms
    in the regional to expand this project and support the independence of new
    media journalism.
    Reporting…A Revolution
    Mortada discussed Egyptian cinema and social issues through a number of
    lectures and seminars including the ‘Cairo Cosmopolitan’ conference. He
    also has a number of published articles in this regard.
    Mortada directed his first feature documentary ‘Reporting…a revolution’ in
    Director’s Filmography
    ‘Helwan House’ - Short Documentary (2006)
    ‘No Alternative’ - Short Documentary (2009)
    ‘Women Voices’ - Short Documentary (2009)
    ‘Justice & Fairness’ - Short Documentary (2009)
    Technical Producer
    ‘Survival of the Fittest’ - Short Fiction (2010)
    ‘Anything but This’ - Short Fiction (2010)
    ‘In every district, a sheep was born’ - Short Fiction (2010)
    ‘Notes from Hanafi ElFeel’ – Docu-Drama (2010)
    ‘Cold Jujube Juice’ - Short Fiction (2010)
    Investigative Journalism Director
    ‘The Execution of Swine: Behind the scenes’ (2008)
    ‘Deadly Water’ (2009)
    ‘Displacement of the Prophets Companion’ (2009)
    ‘Al-Roubiki’ (2009)
    ‘From the Underground’ (2010)

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