• “As our first long documantary film
    prodution the responsibilty was really
    weighing on me. We had so much
    important footage that we wanted to
    show the world but needed to be
    selective and this proved to be
    expremely difficult. Being part of this
    project really made me feel I have
    positively contributed to the
    Mahmoud Metwally was born in 1983 and graduated from the Faculty of
    Commerce, Ein Shams University.
    He joined Al Masry Media Corporation in 2008 as a video editor and he is
    currently works on news reports and short films. Before joining, he had
    worked on features, short films, TV Talk shows, TV reports and
    Metwally got his professional experience doing news reports, short films
    and documentaries for Nile Television Network (NTN), the Middle East
    Broadcasting Channel and Dream Channel.

  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011