• Today, Al Masry Documentary Films is being born. With the Multimedia
    department producing its first long documentary film “Reporting… A
    Revolution”, the department’s potential is being noticed by Al Masry
    Reporting…A Revolution
    However, this was not all planned, or even imagined, when
    it all started back in 2008.
    The first multimedia department in an Egyptian newsroom started back in2008 . After training more than 100 reporter and photojournalist in and outside
    Cairo, now an influx of more than 4 hours of footage daily come in
    Between 2008 and 2011, the  department succeeded in
    exposing social, economic, political and human stories bringing them to
    public debate while most of times influencing decision making and public
    opinion. “Deadly Waters”, 10 minutes investigative video tracing how
    polluted drinking water in a city outside Cairo killed hundreds of residents
    due to kidney failure including 3 members of one poor family. Reporters
    were able to prove, on video, that a state owned sugar factory was
    responsible for the dilemma by throwing illegal industrial waste into the
    river. “Deadly Waters” won the Arab Reporter For Investigative Journalist
    (ARIJ) award in 2009 YEAR, but most importantly, it pressured the state to
    take severe action against factories polluting the Nile.
    Similarly “Deadly Lanshon”, produced 2011, exposed processed meat
    factories using illegal non-meat objects and waste to produce cold cuts and
    processed luncheons at cheap prices. The two reporters went undercover to
    get a job in the violating factory to be able to film and tell the story.
    “A Pathetic State”, 11 minutes, 2010, raised the question of national food
    security while exploring challenges facing small Egyptian farmers and
    agriculture production. The Minister of Agriculture attended the film
    premiere as well as economists, and Agrarian activists which eventually
    led to a deep public discussion on Agrarian sector reform.
    “Reporting… A Revolution” is our first long documentary film production.
    Believing that films do make a difference, Al Masry Documentary Films is
    now being established.

  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011