• In 2008 I was hired by Al Masry Media Corporation to set up a multimedia
    unit. The path I chose then was to train the print edition reporters on video
    journalism using cell phone cameras plus hiring a core editing unit of
    young and passionate editors. Our use of small cameras and one-man-crew
    Video Jounalists gave us the advantage of close, intimate, and exclusive
    footage throughout the past 4 years.
    As the head of the team of reporters portrayed in this film, it was a huge
    challenge to lead the daily operation during the days of the revolution. On
    one hand, internet and mobile communication was cut off. On the other
    hand, I had to manage their frustrations, fears, performance and
    professionalism. Moreover, I was responsible for their personal security
    with every new assignment I gave them while; in fact, none of us was
    qualified to face what we had to face.
    I always asked my self, what should we be doing? Are we missing out on
    anything? Should we be somewhere else? Would they return alive?
    In course of the daily operation we decided to place all the revolution
    footage on one editing machine although we were not quite sure what are
    we going to do with it. Months after Mubarak stepped down we were able to
    breath and reflect. Bassam spent weeks watching more than 200 hours of
    footage then he decided he wants to make a film not just about the
    revolution but mostly about "us".
    We were a bit taken by the idea, how can we, as a team, produce a film
    about ourselves.
    Reporting…A Revolution
    As young Egyptian reporters who aspired political change, It was not only
    the first revolution we witness but its also our first long documentary film,
    me as line producer, Bassam Mortada as director, Ines Marzouk as editor,
    and Al Masry Media Corporation as production house.

  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011