• “ I was holding on to my role as a
    journalist until it hindered my ability
    to stay on in Tahrir sq. ”

    Ahmed Ragab joined Al Masry Media Corporation in 2006 as a junior
    reporter. In a very short time Ahmed proved to be a very capable
    journalist. He excelled in particularly in investigative journalism. He was
    able to expose many hidden stories of social and political significance in
    Egypt before and after the revolution.
    He is also a competent producer and headed a team that managed a
    prominent TV show presented by Yousry Foda a highly acclaimed journalist
    in the Arab world.
    Ahmed’s strongest stories are proving that Interior Ministry’s ordered
    snipers to kill protestors and exposing the biggest escape plan in the Marg
    prison in Cairo. He also worked closely with members from wiki leaks and
    was able to get access to many documents that were published in the

  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011