• “ What hurt me the most was the phycological
    pain of being attacked while trying to do my job ”
    Born in 1979 and graduated from the Faculty of Arts - Greek & Latin
    Literature Department in 2000. Samah started her journalist cereer during
    university working as a trainee at Al Ahram Newspaper the daily national
    paper. Determined to be an independent journalist she eagerly joined Al
    Masry Media Corporation in 2007.
    Abdel Aaty excelled in feature and investigative journalism there. She does
    not wait for assignments but is constantly busy with investigating and doing
    features that have social and political implication.
    She was able to revealed a network of trade in human organs penetrated
    the network of Archaeological trade and exposed how they work. Another
    very important project was featuring the Christian monuments around
    Egypt. Abdel Aaty followed the trail that the virgin marry took when she
    came to Cairo and interviewed many Christians and visitors. By this
    Highlighting a lot of the forgotten Christian heritage and history. Her
    coverage which spanned 4 days in the print had a very strong positive effect
    on readers especially that that it was featured just days before terrorist
    attach on Christians in the city of Naga Hamadi.
    AbdelAtty received The Arab Journalism Award in 2010 for Excellence in
    Investigative Journalism.

  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011