• “ Many times I felt I wish I did not have to
    work. I wish I just could stay in Tahrir sq like
    everyone else”
    Shaimaa Adel is 24 years old. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts -
    Journalism section, Ein-Shams University. Adel first joined Al-Masry
    Media Corporation in 2007 as a trainee. From her first month it was clear
    that she was a strong-minded young girl. She would jump on any difficult
    assignments even if it meant traveling to hot dangerous zones.
    She was determined to be a cutting edge journalist. She was the first to
    take the video training and since then has been producing her stories in
    video beside her work in the daily print edition.
    Her biggest stories were
    • Israeli Siege of Gaza (2008)
    • The suffering of 10 thousand citizens in Gharbia Hospital «fevers
    Mahala» turn «heart» village «Aldoakhlah» to dump hazardous waste
    incineration (2010)
    • The Revolution in Libya (2011) Adel traveled to Libya a number of times
    and was the first journalist to reach the morg to uncover Qaddafi’s and
    report the circumstances of his death.
    Adel was achieved the 4th in the Samir Kasser Award for Investigative
    Journalism. She is also an active member in the popular Marionette
    group ‘Al-Bergola.’

  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011