• “Being a tunisian living in Egypt
    prevented me from being part of the
    revolution of my country. I thus had to
    make it up during the revolution here
    and my contribution was really is my
    work on the film.”
    Ines was born in Tunis and graduated with a Masters degree from the
    Faculty of Fine Arts – Graphics Department in Tunisia.
    Ines has joined Al Masry Media Corporation in 2010 as a video technical
    editor. Before that, she had very fruitful experiences working with Al-
    Jazeera TV news channel on long documentaries (2007) and with ONTVs
    news program reports (2008) as a video editor.
    Marzouk worked on 12 feature films as an assistant editor & assistant
    director such as the two famous ‘Ein Shams’ directed by Ibrahim Batout
    and ‘Heliopolis’ (2008) directed by Ahmed AbdAllah.
    She also directed her first short film ‘Hood Gallants’ in 2010.
    Film documentary “Dancing Latino in the Street“ (2009) for Al-Nahda
    Association for Scientific & Cultural Renaissance - Cairo Jesuit.

  • Al Masry Media Corporation.2011